What Are The Benefits of Body Wraps?

Take advantage of the benefits of body wraps

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The idea of the body wrap — that is the idea of being coated in hydrating substances, wrapped and left in a warm room to promote deep moisturization — may trace its origins all the way back to ancient Egypt according to Allison Marks, Arcona Studios’ spa director, esthetician and skincare expert. 

Over the centuries, body wraps have become more advanced, adding in elements that aid in detoxification and decreasing water weight. As a result, they’ve garnered the attention of celebrities and risen in popularity, but many people still don’t understand what exactly a body wrap is and how it works.  

What is a Body Wrap?

Otherwise known as a “body cocoon” or a “body mask,” a body wrap is a spa treatment that is designed to pull toxins out of your skin while moisturizing and hydrating, giving you a head-to-toe glow. 

Most body wrap treatments start by washing and exfoliating your skin to get rid of any dead skin cells. Moisturizers and the mask itself are applied and are followed by our team wrapping you tightly in warm towels and leaving you to soak for 30 minutes. 

This soaking time allows the skin to absorb the mask and for you to sweat out toxins and water weight so that when you emerge, your skin feels refreshed and renewed. 

The Benefits of Body Wraps


Detoxification is one of the main reasons many people get body wraps. Your skin is your largest organ and comes in contact with more of the world than the rest of you, piling up and absorbing toxins all day. Courted’s Rhassoul Detox Wrap uses an intense blend of minerals and ingredients with Moroccan clay to deeply penetrate the skin to pull out pollutants and toxins. 

The combination of detoxifying elements — typically mud, clay, algae or seaweed — and the tightly-bound, warm environment that you’re left in during a body wrap treatment encourages the extraction of toxins through metabolic skin cell stimulation. This process increases blood circulation and also deposits minerals that your system lacks. 

By pulling out toxins and adding in helpful minerals, your skin is not only revitalized, but it’s clearer, cleaner and healthier. As a result, detoxifying body wraps are a great way to get a clean slate to work on your wellness. 

Skin rejuvenation 

One of the best benefits of body wraps is how refreshed skin feels after a body wrap treatment. Whether you go in for a detoxifying body wrap or a moisturizing one, you’re going to leave with soft, rejuvenated skin. Courted’s Sublime Moisture Wrap uses antioxidants, vitamin E and active botanicals to aid in skin regeneration post-treatment. 

Because exfoliation removes dead skin cells and the long, warm soak moisturizes deep into your skin, your entire body comes out of your cocoon rehydrated and supple. 

After a body wrap, skin feels tighter, smoother, softer and more hydrated than it’s likely been in quite a while. Many people get body wraps during the winter, giving their skin a much-needed boost during the colder, drier months. 


Despite the great benefits of body wraps, many people just go for the experience and who can blame them? Body wraps are some of the most luxurious and relaxing treatments that many spas offer. 

Estheticians apply hydrating creams and gels all over your body, massaging them in for maximum absorption, wrap you up in tight warm towels or film, put on calming music and let you relax for 30 minutes in the hydrating cocoon in a warm, low-lit room. 

Physical relaxation and benefits aside, the dedicated time to take a pause, relax and reflect is greatly appreciated by almost everyone who gets a body wrap. 

A note on body wraps for weight loss

There are many rumors out there that body wraps are miracles when it comes to weight loss. Many spas and celebrities will claim how after just one treatment, you can drop a dress size or two and your belly is suddenly gone. You probably will not be surprised when we say that’s too good to be true. 

While it’s true that the detoxifying elements combined with the sweating can lead to temporary water weight and bloating decreases, it’s only temporary. 

You very quickly gain that water weight back the moment you start drinking water post-treatment — which is actually advised to keep you hydrated after you’ve sweat so much. 

That being said, many people get body wraps for this temporary squeeze if they have big events coming up in one or two days, like a wedding or a family or school reunion. Since you may only need the slimming boost for a few days, it’s still a win!

Take Advantage of All the Benefits of Body Wraps


Whether your goal is to get a start on a new health routine or simply to revitalize your skin, the body wraps from Courted at The St. James can help you achieve your goal. Give us a call at (703) 239-6910 or visit us online to book your body wraps and exfoliation treatment today. 


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