A place to rejuvenate—mind, body and spirit.

With a focus on self-renewal and a proactive approach to living well, Courted's expert staff educates, delivers results and fosters relationships through every stage of our clients' lives.

It's an oasis where you can reflect, change course or simply gain a new perspective.

Prevent & Treat

Facial Treatments at Courted

Facial Treatments

Hydrafacial™ Treatments at Courted

Hydrafacial™ Treatments

Microdermabrasion Facial Treatments at Courted

Microdermabrasion Facial Treatments

Chemical Peel Treatments at Courted

Chemical Peel Treatments

Red & Blue Light Therapy at Courted

Red & Blue Light Therapy

Face Mask & Collagen Mask Treatments at Courted

Face Mask & Collagen Mask Treatments

Skin Extraction Treatments at Courted

Skin Extraction Treatments

Grooming & Maintenance

Lashes & Brows at Courted

Lashes & Brows

Waxing Services at Courted

Waxing Services

Spa Manicures & Nail Services at Courted

Spa Manicures & Nail Services

SNS Manicures & Other Add-On Nail Services at Courted

SNS Manicures & Other Add-On Nail Services

Correct, Enhance & Refine

Skin Laser Treatments at Courted

Skin Laser Treatments

Injectable & Filler Treatments at Courted

Injectable & Filler Treatments

Body Contouring

CoolSculpting™️ Treatments at Courted

CoolSculpting™️ Treatments

Rejuvenation & Performance

Body Wrap & Exfoliation Treatments at Courted

Body Wrap & Exfoliation Treatments

Massage Therapy Services at Courted

Massage Therapy Services

Cryotherapy Treatment at Courted

Cryotherapy Treatment

IV Infusion Therapy at Courted

IV Infusion Therapy

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