The Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

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The benefits of intravenous (IV) micronutrient infusions, known collectively as IV vitamin therapy, boil down to one thing: resupplying your body with lost micronutrients. There are different variations of infusions, but they each have a common purpose: to maintain your body’s ideal nutrient level. This is something that many of us struggle with on a daily basis despite access to nutrient-rich food.

The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that micronutrients are only needed in small amounts, but since our bodies don’t produce them naturally, we need help maintaining the proper levels for optimal health. According to WHO, micronutrients “enable the body to produce enzymes, hormones and other substances essential for proper growth and development.” Since these processes are so important to our overall health, even a small deficiency  can have negative consequences.

That’s where IV micronutrient infusions come in. Regular IV vitamin therapy is a great way to ensure your body maintains the proper balance of micronutrients you need in a quick and efficient manner. Common micronutrients in IV vitamin therapy can include amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins, antioxidants and more.

What is an IV Micronutrient Infusion?

Usually taking between 40-60 minutes, an intravenous (IV) micronutrient infusion works by delivering vitamins and minerals directly to the bloodstream through an insertion in a vein. Because your bloodstream now has direct access to micronutrients, it can absorb 90% of vitamins and minerals compared to only 20%-50% absorption rate of oral vitamin consumption.

With such a drastic difference in absorption rate, it’s clear that IV vitamin therapy is a popular choice for people who need an extra boost on maintaining healthy nutrient levels. Whether regulating your diet is too hard, allergies prevent you from eating certain foods or you simply want an energy and wellness boost, IV vitamin therapy is a great option for whenever your body needs a little help.

Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

Rejuvenated beauty and radiance

Many IV micronutrient infusions contain antioxidants that flush out free radicals — unstable molecules that cling to other particles in your body. According to Verywell Health, free radicals are a natural byproduct of metabolism or exposure to toxins and UV light. While free radicals only have a lifespan of a fraction of a second, if not flushed out, they can cause damage to your skin and accelerate the aging process.

Courted’s Luminous Infusion IV vitamin therapy can leave your skin brighter, your hair stronger and your blemishes diminished, leaving you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.

Improved wellness and health

As we mentioned, it’s important to have well-balanced nutrient levels in your body if you want to stay in peak health. By consistently maintaining your proper micronutrient levels, your body’s internal systems will have everything they need to run at their best. When your body is balanced on the micronutrient level, your immune system is stronger, your energy levels are higher and you will have reduced symptoms of migraines and headaches.

Courted’s Vitality, Myers,  and Immunity Infusion IV vitamin therapy options can offer the proper amount of micronutrients without relying on diet alone. Since vitamins and minerals get absorbed directly into the bloodstream, you get even more absorption than food alone could provide.

Enhanced physical performance and recovery

Another common benefit of IV vitamin therapy is improved physical performance and recovery from workouts. Some infusions, like our Performance and Recovery Infusion, contain amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), vitamins and electrolytes to boost energy, promote muscle recovery and aid in overall athletic performance.

Post-workout fatigue happens because your body quickly uses up stored micronutrients, water and energy as you work out. When taken as part of an IV vitamin therapy recovery plan post-workout, micronutrients immediately begin to help keep and build muscle tissue, rehydrate cells and reduce overall recovery time. Alternatively, if taken before your workout, they act as a boost to prevent the drain and loss you feel post-workout as your body uses up your stored micronutrients.

Increased overall hydration

When your body lacks the proper amount of water, your skin can shrink, nausea can build up and your blood supply may constrict, causing headaches. Whether you don’t get the recommended daily amount or your social calendar has left you tired and dehydrated, hydrating IV micronutrient infusions are great ways to restore your body to its recommended hydration level (and recover faster from that hangover at the same time).

Courted’s Hydrate infusion can reverse the effects of diuretics like alcohol and caffeine and put the water you need back into your system. This treatment can help your muscles and joints move better, leave your skin more supple and help your blood supply run more smoothly to your vital organs.

Interested in Trying IV Vitamin Therapy at Courted?

Courted is your one-stop spot for rejuvenation and regeneration. Our expert team members want to help you along your wellness journey. Come by Courted at The St. James today or book an appointment online for IV vitamin therapy and put back the nutrients your body needs to perform at its best.


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