Top Beauty Treatments for the Holiday Season

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With parties seemingly every weekend and due dates at work piling up, the holiday season isn’t exactly a time where many of us prioritize self-care and skin health — but we really should. Between late nights at work in front of screens and late nights at restaurants with a few glasses of wine, our skin takes a beating during the holidays.

To shine your brightest this holiday season, it’s important to find the time to give a little attention to your skin and think about what holiday beauty prep you’ll need to look and feel your best night after night.

As you start planning out all the beauty treatments you’ll be needing for the holidays, keep in mind that some of these treatments need a few days to heal, so waiting until the last minute to wax your eyebrows can leave you looking more like Santa’s red suit than the epitome of holiday cheer.

Top Treatments for Holiday Beauty Prep

Express Power Facial

The holiday season, supposedly a happy, jolly time is often hectic and frantic. It can be hard to schedule a time for a quality facial and other much-needed holiday beauty prep treatments. Scheduling an express power facial can help you sneak in a precious 30 minutes of “me time” and get your skin ready for the rest of your busy schedule.

If you do have the time, it’s good to take it one step further than just a facial. Superfacialist Joanna Czech, a Global Skincare Advisor for La Mer and owner of skin studios in New York and Dallas, told Vogue that adding in light therapy to your facial can help extend the life of your treatment results. So, if you have an extra half an hour to spare, add red or blue light therapy to your facial to give your skin an extra boost to power through the holiday season.

Moisture Wrap

Once the cold air moves in and the humidity levels both inside and outside your home drop, making sure that your skin stays hydrated and healthy becomes a challenge. If you drop the ball on keeping your skin moisturized, your skin can itch, crack, develop rough patches or just generally look dull and sullen.

Making sure that your skin is getting the moisture back that it has lost is important in keeping holiday skin at its best. While lots of lotion can help, it can only do so much. A Sublime Moisture Wrap is a great beauty treatment to get around the holidays as it can help improve your skin’s health and inspire skin regeneration.

This treatment deeply nourishes your skin by utilizing the active ingredients in antioxidants, shea butter, avocado oil, and vitamin E to leave your skin dewy and supple — a rarity in the winter and a big bonus for holiday party pictures.

Injectables and Fillers

One of the great fears of a holiday family get-together is distant relatives commenting on “how tired you look.” To keep the holiday cheer, it might be a good idea to test out an injectable or filler before your next family gathering.

San Francisco dermatologist Dr. Caren Campbell FAAD told Forbes that Botox and Dysport are great for “lifting your eyebrows,” for “softening crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles,” and for “relaxing the muscles around the jaw to slim the jawline,” — all good things to tackle before the cameras and the comments come out. Since these injectables only take a few days to start showing their results, they’re a “simple and easy thing that can transform your skin texture, with no downtime.”

Finishing Touches

No holiday look is complete without the finishing touches. After you’ve cleansed and moisturized your skin and given your features a boost, all that’s left is to paint your nails and fix up your eyes to complete your holiday beauty prep.

Getting a professionally done mani-pedi ensures that your nails will be able to weather the entire holiday season, no matter what last-minute cooking or errands are thrown at you. With nail shaping, buffing and cuticle clean-up, your fingers and toes will be in tip-top shape and ready to rip apart wrapping paper with style.

Once you’ve cleaned up your eyebrows with a nice wax, define your new shape even more by tinting them to the right shade and finish the whole look off with eyelash extensions so you’ll be ready for the work party, girl’s night out and the family gathering.

Beauty Treatments for Holiday Cheer at Courted

The best thing you can do to get ahead of the holiday season mayhem is to start planning your holiday beauty prep early. Waiting until your skin is sagging and lifeless with a party in three hours isn’t going to be a jolly time, so get ahead of the game by talking to the skin experts at Courted at The St. James. Give us a call at (703) 239-6910 or visit us online to schedule your holiday beauty prep today.


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