The Benefits of Using Organic Beauty Products in Your Skincare Routine

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What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them. A healthy diet, good exercise and mindful meditation are only parts of a healthy lifestyle that isn’t complete unless you’re also considering a healthy skincare routine.

What are Organic Beauty Products?

Since the cosmetics industry is not regulated like food and healthcare are, the boundaries and terminology of what is called “organic” can be a little loose, often to the consumer’s disadvantage.

Many people take the standards for organic products, as set out by the US Department of Agriculture, as guidelines. According to the Agricultural Marketing Service (a sub branch of the USDA), there are a few levels to how companies should use the term “organic” in their marketing:

  • 100% organic: all ingredients and processing aids must be certified organic

  • Organic: all ingredients must be certified organic and products must not exceed 5% nonorganic content

  • Made with organic: at least 70% of the product must be certified organic ingredients

In the United States, cosmetic regulations have not been updated since 1938 and as a result, the cosmetic industry operates much of the time with little to no oversight. This non-regulation makes a lot of people turn to organic products to escape the possibly harmful ingredients that are legally allowed in many mainstream beauty products.

5 Benefits of Using Organic Beauty Products

No chance of toxic chemicals

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It needs to be treated with as much care as the rest of your body. You wouldn’t willingly eat toxins, so why would you willingly put them on your skin?

Your skin absorbs a lot of what it comes in contact with, meaning that if your beauty products have harmful chemicals like phthalates or parabens, your skin absorbs them and lets them work their way into your bloodstream. This can lead to allergic reactions, irritations, rashes and other harmful and unpleasant side effects.

With organic beauty products, you don’t have to worry about that. Since they’re made from only natural and safe ingredients, your skin and your body will likely only flourish by using them.

Greener for you and the planet

Chances are that if you’re making the switch to organic beauty products, you’re an eco-conscious individual as well. Making sure that the packaging is recyclable and that you’re not washing any harmful chemicals down the sink are concerns for a lot of people that organic beauty products are the solution for. Since they’re made from only natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals are going in your body, down your drain or back into the environment.

A stronger, more concentrated dose

On the label of your beauty products (as well as food), the ingredients are ordered from highest concentration to the lowest. If you’re looking at a non-organic beauty product, chances are drying agents or fillers like mineral oil or petroleum are high up there on the list while the active ingredients that you want are much further down.

Organic beauty products don’t use these fillers and drying agents, meaning there is a far more concentrated dose of “the good stuff” per bottle. Full of vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients, you get a more effective beauty product when you buy organic because while some non-organic beauty products may say they use natural ingredients, they only need a small bit of it to legally be able to market it that way, shortchanging you at the register.

Cheaper in the long run

That will likely raise an eyebrow but hear us out. Since organic beauty products don’t have fillers and instead are chock full of useful, active ingredients, a little bit goes a long way. While you may need to slather on the dollar store moisturizer several times a day to see results, one or two passes with an organic moisturizer might just do the trick.

That one bottle of organic moisturizer can last you way longer, meaning you won’t have to restock as much, saving you money down the road. Besides, many non-organic beauty brands jack their prices way up thanks to the name on the bottle and don’t actually provide a benefit worthy of the price. Going organic can get you more impactful prices that save you money the longer you use them.

 What you’re smelling is what you’re getting

If you’re looking at a beauty product and it says it has a “fragrance,” that’s a bit of a red flag. According to The FDA, companies are not compelled to disclose what is in their products if it’s labeled as a “fragrance.” This means that you’re likely getting a concoction of chemicals that end up smelling like a rose rather than using actual roses.

With organic beauty products, you’re smelling what you’re getting. If you smell a rose, there are roses in there. Organic beauty products do not use imitations, extracts or anything else artificial.


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