Acne Lift Peel

Image Acne Lift Peel (level 2)

Acrylic Full Set

Enhancement -Acrylic

Active Stretching - Only

30 minutes of active stretching

Additional Wax

Additional time for waxing. Covers cost of additional products used and for additional labor time required.

Advanced BHA lift

A salicylic acid peel for blemish-prone skin that helps to exfoliate dead skin and remove excess oil

Age Refining Deluxe HydraFacial (Booster Add-on)

Signature HydraFacial with Derma-builder Boost – Advanced age refining complex minimizes signs of aging and recharges skin with a patented combination of peptides.

Antioxidant Facial

A synergistic combination of antioxidants are infused into the skin to reduce free radical damage, oxidative stress to replenish essential nutrients and restore natural radiance. Neck and shoulder massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oil infused treatment

Bikini Wax

Traditional bikini

Bioactive Recovery Exfoliation

Potent certified organic ingredients: Sea salt, aloe butter and algae, Omega 3’s and 6’s, bioactive peat enzymes, fatty acids and Phyto-nutrients. Concludes with Essential Omega Oil Serum - avocado oil, Omega 3 and 6, plant sterols, vitamin E and C boosts hydration, promotes elasticity and suppleness

Blue Light Therapy (Add-on, 15 min)

Clinically proven to improve acne breakouts by neutralizing acne bacteria that results in reduced inflammation and surface oil accumulation, improved texture, minimal episodic breakouts

Blue Light Therapy (Add-on, 30 min)

Clinically proven to improve acne breakouts by neutralizing acne bacteria that results in reduced inflammation and surface oil accumulation, improved texture, minimal episodic breakouts

Botox 1 site

Botox 1 site

Botox 2 sites

2 sites Botox

Botox 3 sites

3 sites Botox


Traditional brazillian

Chem-Free Polish Add-on

Add-On Nail Chem-Free Treatment

Clarifying Back Treatment

A deep cleanse for your back to alleviate and clear breakouts and bacteria accumulation from sweat. Includes gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, steam to open pores followed by clarifying mask to lift remainder of impurities and clear acne.

Complexion/Texture Fractora Face

Photo Damage/Acne/Deep Texture Imperfections

Compression Boot

Compression Therapy for increased circulation in the lower extremities

Consult - Skincare Regimen

VISIA Skin and Product Analysis

Coolmini - Other Area

Other Small Pockets

Courted Gentleman’s Facial

Organic products for men, tailored to skin-type and condition-specific concerns. Concludes with neck and shoulder massage.

Courted Signature Pedicure

A full-service pedicure treatment: nail shaping, buffing and cuticle clean up lead to a well-deserved lower leg and foot massage. Finished with standard polish of choice.

Deep Tissue Massage 50 mins

Focused on realignment of the deeper layers of connective and muscle tissues.

Detoxifying Exfoliation

Exfoliating treatment infused with detoxifying ingredients

Dysport - Cinco Tox, Tacos & Marg.

Dysport Day $4.50/per unit

Executive Massage

An express massage treatment

Eyebrow & Lip

Wax Duo #1

Eyebrow Clean-up

Moderate brow clean-up

Eyebrow Tint

Color Treatment

Eyebrow Waxing

Shaping Only

Eyelash Tint

Color treatment


RF Enegry

Fractor- Face & Neck

Fractora Facce & Neck

Fractora - Face & Neck

Fractora full face & neck

Fractora- Cheeks

Photo Damage/Acne/Deep Texture Imperfections

French Manicure

Specialty French Mani

French Pedicure

Specialty French Pedi

Full Back Wax

Full Back Wax

Full Face Wax

Full Face Wax (4 areas)

Gel Polish Add-on

Add-On Nail Gel Treatment

Genesis cheeks

genesis on cheeks only

Gentleman’s Essential Exfoliation

An invigorating treatment combines cedarwood, vetiver, and myrrh essential oils with organic sea salt to exfoliate dead skin cells and uplift senses. Concludes with body crème to replenish tired and dry skin

Gentleman’s Exfoliating Facial

A microdermabrasion treatment designed to remove accumulated dead skin cells that dull skin, clog pores, and prevent effective product absorption. Additional focus on beard, chin and neck area to reveal smoother texture and prevent ingrown hairs resulting from shaving. Concludes with neck and shoulder massage

Gentleman’s Pedicure

A delightful and relaxing experience. provides hydration and exfoliation using products that appeal to a gentleman’s senses. Includes a file, soak, extra attention and treatment applied to the heels of feet. Finishes with massage to renew and re-energize your feet


Glutathione injection

Half Back (Lower)

Mid Back to Lumbar

Half Back (Upper)

Shoulder to Mid Back

Heel Therapy Intensive Treatment

Add-On Pedicure Treatment

Hot Stone - Spa Pedicure

Hot stone add-on to pedicure

HydraFacial Lymphatic Therapy

Optimize skin health and encourage detoxification through mechanical lymphatic therapy. Offered as standalone or add-on treatment.

Hydrate Infusion

Water is our life source, yet society does not drink as much water as it should. Maintain your hydration status or quickly recover from dehydration while improving the blood supply to vital organs. This drip ensures effective hydration. No added vitamins or antioxidants

Hydrating Collagen Eye Treatment

Antioxidants and caffiene to depuff, renew and brighten

Illuminize Peel

Mild & Radiant

Immunity Infusion

Give your immune system a boost with this cocktail that combines a high dose of Vitamin C with glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that removes toxins and provides powerful support to strength your natural defense system

Initial Brow Consultation & Waxing

Assessment of brow + shaping

Intensive Callous Treatment

Add-On Pedicure Treatment



IPL Arms

Intense Pulse Light - photorejuvenation skin irregularities Types I, II

IPL Chest

Intense Pulse Light - photorejuvenation skin irregularities Types I, II

IPL Decollete

Intense Pulse Light - photorejuvenation skin irregularities Types I, II

IPL Face

Intense Pulse Light - photorejuvenation skin irregularities Types I, II

IPL Hands - Both

Intense Pulse Light - photorejuvenation skin irregularities Types I, II

IPL Upper Back

Intense Pulse Light - photorejuvenation skin irregularities Types I, II



Juvederm Ultra

1 syringe Juvederm Ultra Plus

Kid’s Manicure

12 and Under

Kid’s Pedicure

12 and Under


kybella injections for submental fullness (double chin) per vial

Laser Consult

Complexion Blending LHR Skin Rejuvenation Tightening

Lash Removal

lash removal

LHR - customized

LHR - customized

LHR Back

LHR 1 Area

LHR Beard

LHR 1 Area

LHR Bikini

LHR 1 Area

LHR Cheeks

LHR 1 Area

LHR Chest

LHR 1 Area

LHR Chin

LHR 1 Area

LHR Full arms

LHR 1 Area

LHR Full Leg

LHR 1 Area


LHR 1 Area

LHR Neck

LHR 1 Area

LHR Sideburns

LHR 1 Area

LHR Underarms

LHR 1 Area

Lightening Peel

A kojic and lactic acid peel that brightens dull skin and helps to minimize the appearance of discoloration

Luminous Infusion

Help fight against dull, uneven skin and get glowing with our anti-aging drip that combines the detox support of glutathione coupled with vitamin C. Those powerful antioxidants help fight against free radicals, leaving your skin with a radiant glow. Rejuvenate from the inside out

Mani and Pedi February promo

Mani and Pedi for Feb

Maroinette - Filler

1 syringe - marionette lines

Massetter Botox

Masseter tox

Maternity Wellbeing Massage

Wellness for Mom-to-be

Membership 50 minute Massage

Reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation Swedish

Microdermabrasion Add on

no time added to the service. Shows 15 min, but that is just so it will show up on the schedule

Microdermabrasion Express

Express Exfoliating Tx

Microdermabrasion Facial

Extended Exfoliating Tx

Microneedling with PRP

Microneedling + PRP

Mother's Day Facial

Mother's Day 50-minute Purifying Detox Facial for $100

Mother's Day Mani & Pedi

$75 with Complimentary parafin

Mother's Day Massage

50-minute Massage

Myers Infusion

IV Therapy provides nutrients directly to bloodstream

Nail Design - per nail

design per nail

Neck waxing

Front of neck or nape

No-Show Fee Medical

No-show flat fee $100

Ohana Ginger Bamboo Exfoliation

Crushed bamboo and ginger stimulates, exfoliates and releases flow of vital energy, concludes with lime massage oil to invigorate senses

Organic Dry Brush Exfoliation

Organic natural bristles

Organic Manicure

All the benefits of a classic manicure with certified organic products; Lemongrass and green tea soak, light exfoliation, and mask treatment. A warm towel wrap removes mask. Complete with ultra-rich moisture cream and warm stone massage.

Perfection Lift

An advanced eel with AHAs, BHAs and active exfoliants for tough-to-treat signs of aging and blemishes

Perfection Lift Forte Peel

Image Forte Peel (Level 4)

Performance & Recovery Infusion

Quickly recover from grueling workouts and intense trainings while sparing lean body mass. Optimal for athletic performance and fitness, this cocktail has a customized combination of amino acids, vitamins and electrolytes, that aid in muscle recovery, boost energy and improve athletic performance.

Platinum HydraFacial (Add-on)

Deep cleansing, light exfoliation, and steam to prep the skin. Followed by signature HydraFacial treatment booster - depending upon skin needs and concerns, concludes with LED light therapy

Pro-Heal Razor Relief Facial

Treatment with nourishing antioxidants and phytonutrients with antibacterial and wound healing properties. A rejuvenating mask with a combination of soothing botanical antioxidants imparts a cool, refreshing sensation. Concludes with neck and shoulder massage

Radiance Deluxe HydraFacial (Add-on)

Signature HydraFacial with britenol Boost – Alpha-arbutin, vitamin C, bearberry extract minimizes the appearance of discoloration and brightens skin tone for more even complexion

Reflexology Foot Massage (15 mins)

Focusd Pressure (Express Menu)

Reflexology Foot Massage (30 mins)

Focusd Pressure (Express Menu)

Rejuvenize Peel


Restorative Deluxe HydraFacial (Add-on)

Signature HydraFacial treatment with an infusion boost of growth factors minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to restore skin health and vitality


RHA 2 Revance

Rhassoul Detox Wrap

An intense oil blend of clove bud, Moroccan blue tansy, jasmin, ylang-ylang, sambac, patchouli and rose combine with Moroccan red clay - warming sensation from cocoon wrap facilitates deeper penetration of ingredients into skin to lift away pollutants and toxins.


Top only

Sideburns Waxing

Removal of vellus hair side of face

Signature Facelift

Signature Facelift enzyme peel

Signature Mani & Pedi - IWD

Signature services

Sports Recovery Massage (50 mins)

Tailored to sustain and increase athletic performance.

Standard Polish Removal + Color

Standard Polish Change

Sublime Moisture Wrap

Ultra hydrating deluxe treatment rich in antioxidants, shea butter, avocado oil, and vitamin E deeply nourishes leaving skin dewy and supple. Active Botanicals: - Burdock - Helps improve skin health. - Echinacea - Aids in skin regeneration.

Tension Relief Massage 50 mins

Reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation- Swedish

Three for Me

CB, Vessels, Skin Resurfacing



Tint Duo - Lash & Brow

Color Treatment Lash & Brow

Vitality Infusion

Revitalize yourself from life’s everyday stresses and get a boost of energy from our B complex blend. Multifaceted in its function, anyone needing an extra zest will benefit from this cocktail.

Vitamin C Add-on to IV

Add-on to IV cocktail

Wax Duo - Small areas

(2 small areas)

Wax Trio

(up to 3 medium-sized wax areas)

Wrinkle Lift

A chemical peel formulated with glycolic acid and retinol to support skin elasticity and help reduce the appearance of lines


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