Advantages of IV Vitamin Therapy for Athletes

Bounce back faster from your workout

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As sports competitions get more and more intense for professional and amateur athletes alike, the desire to always be in peak condition has grown right along with it.

Whether its taking supplements, scheduling sports recovery massages or spending time in a cryo-chamber, it’s become clear that to stay at the top of their game, athletes need to do more than hit the gym on a regular basis.

To help fill that need, IV nutrient therapy for athletes has grown in popularity in the last few decades a way to bounce back from hard workouts and games, restock on needed vitamins and minerals and get athletes back to their best in as little as an hour.

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Purpose of IV Vitamin Therapy for Athletes

Because of the special blend of micronutrients in IV infusions and the increased rate of absorption as a result of direct access to the bloodstream, IV nutrient therapy for athletes helps to combat the post-workout fatigue that happens due to depleted reserves of nutrients.

Ideal for hard-hitting athletes like marathon runners, triathletes, long-distance runners or anyone who works out but doesn’t have a perfectly well-balanced diet, the ingredients in these infusions are chosen to refill your body in strategic ways to make the most of your hour in the chair.

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Amping up amino acids

The human body can usually make enough amino acids to get through the day. But after an intense workout, your body’s ability to utilize and recapture amino acids to then turn them into proteins that build muscle, “is not completely efficient, and some amino acids are lost by oxidative catabolism,” according to the National Research Council (US) Subcommittee for the Recommended Dietary Allowances.

In other words, when you work out hard, you can lose your muscle-making building blocks.

Since IV micronutrients for athletes have amino acids as one of their key ingredients, they help to resupply the lost ones, promoting faster muscle recovery and speeding up the process of muscle tissue growth.

Direct access for vitamins and minerals

Like with amino acids, when your body goes through strenuous activity, vitamins and minerals get used. A report by Dr. Mel Williams of Old Dominion University, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition says that during aerobic endurance exercises, vitamins and minerals convert carbohydrates and fats into energy, leaving you fatigued and in need of a boost post-workout.

Vitamins also play a significant role in regulating metabolic functions. A lack of vitamins can cause an impact on physical performance. Vitamin B12, in particular, is one of the main vitamins that make up red blood cells. Since they are the carriers of oxygen, they’re one of the key factors in energy production for your entire body. Without B12, you could be at risk of not just fatigue, but also weight loss — and if you’re going for muscle, that shouldn’t be your goal.

By bypassing the digestive system and going straight into the bloodstream, IV micronutrient infusions for athletes speed up the process of vitamin and mineral absorption. Since this procedure also increases the amount of absorption, your body is getting more out of what you put in it than if you took micronutrients orally.

Rehydrating for safer recoveries

We’re hopefully not the first to tell you that to have good athletic performance and good levels of general health you need to stay hydrated.

But staying hydrated is not always as easy as it sounds, especially if you’ve just put yourself through a serious amount of intense exercise.

According to the running experts at Runner’s World, “blood flow to the stomach is redirected to the muscles. This reduction in blood flow to the stomach results in a decrease in the ability to digest and absorb nutrients.” Because of the direct access for vitamins and minerals that we already discussed, IV nutrient therapy for athletes is a sure way to replenish and refuel.

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